1. Group Classes

Group Class Packages must be paid for in advance. If payment is not made in advance then the drop in fee will be charged prior to the class starting. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or online transfer.

Payments are non transferable and non refundable except by prior agreement in exceptional circumstances.

The Group Class Package is valid for all Tadasana Yoga Group Classes, but your place must be booked in advance.

If I need to cancel the class (attending training workshop, illness etc), and you are unable to attend another class that week, you will be given equivalent extra time on your package expiration date.

Group class package x 5 and x 10 are valid for 3 months.  

The expiry date of your class will be agreed upon in writing, on the date of purchase.

July, August and December do not count in your package expiration date.  

2. Private Tuition

Private classes must be paid for in advance, and 3 classes are the minimum number of classes booked at a time. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or online transfer. 

Private classes are to be taken on consecutive weeks, or more than 1 session per week.  

Payments are non transferable and non refundable except by prior agreement in exceptional circumstances.

24 hours notice is required to reschedule a private class. If the instructor needs to cancel a class within 24 hours then a full refund will be given, or another class will be arranged at a mutually convenient time.

Private tuition rate is for 1 to 1 teaching. If additional people join the private session then the rate will increase (price to be determined depending on the number of students, and at the discretion of Tadasana Yoga). Instructor’s travel fee will be in addition to this, cost depending on location.

3. General:

By participating in classes, you acknowledge that yoga includes physical movements which carries with it the risk of injury. You assume full responsibility for any and all damages, which may incur through participation. If you experience any pain or discomfort, you will discontinue the activity, and ask for support from the instructor. 

By signing up to classes, you affirm that you are in good health and physical condition to participate in physical exercise. You have the responsibility to discuss any health concerns with a health care professional and to make the instructor aware of any medical conditions or physical limitations before class.

If you are pregnant, become pregnant or are post-natal or post-surgical, by signing up to class you confirm that you have physician's approval to participate.