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Are you a beginner runner? Always wanted to learn how to run? Dreamed of being fit enough to run 5km?

Interested to see how yoga can help bring you more body awareness, build a balance of strength and flexibility, and a way to find calmness in these hectic times? 

I will be running a new 8 week course starting in January 2018, for beginners who want to learn how to run, culminating in a 5km race.  A weekly 'Introduction to Yoga' class will be included in the training plan.

What's included in the 8 week course:

  • 1 weekly group run (No previous running experience required)
  • 1 weekly group yoga class, including stretches for runners (No previous yoga experience required)
  • a 5km training plan (in addition to the group run, you'll be running/walking/cross training twice more each week)
  • 2 x individual progress coaching sessions with Emma
  • motivation via my Facebook group where we can share our training run stats, find a training partner to keep you accountable, and help motivate each other.  I will be sharing running and stretching/yoga tips here too
  • 5km Race entry fee included (value $XX)


So, is this course for you? Yes, if you agree to any of the following! …

  • you know that after the Christmas holidays a focused training plan would be good to kick start a healthy 2018
  • you know that making a commitment to this weekly course would help you feel and see the benefits faster
  • you thought about joining my Beginner Run Club this year but couldn’t find the motivation to start, or would like to continue this journey to that 5km goal 
  • you think that you would like to run, but need more motivation and a 5km race goal, with a team of like minded people, might do the trick
  • you know that it wouldn’t hurt to stretch more, especially, as you are now a RUNNER ;) and a beginner yoga course may just be what you are looking for
  • you are curious about how yoga can build both strength and flexibility, and are looking for something to help you relax more, bring body awareness and mindfulness

If this is you, then what are you waiting for?! 

And if you feel the pressure of Race Day maybe too much - it's not compulsory!  But working towards a goal helps to keep you focused and on target.  You can do this!

The important details: 

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RUN = Wednesdays at 8:15am, starting Wednesday 10/1/18.

Last training run 7/3/18, before Race Day.  
START LOCATION =  opposite The Coast, Ocean Drive, Sentosa 098449

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YOGA = Fridays at 9am, starting Friday 12/1/18.

Last pre-Race Day yoga session 9/3/18.
LOCATION = large pagoda opposite the entrance to Oceanfront, Ocean Drive, Sentosa



Terry Fox Run Singapore 2018

7:30am Sunday 11/3/18

Angsana Green at East Coast Parkway. For more information about the race, click here. 

Kind words from some of my lovely runners and yoga students: 

"Emma is great at inspiring you to do more than you think you can!" - Sally (Beginner's Run Club)


"Thanks so much for getting my butt moving. I took myself out at 5.30am this morning for a quick 5km before work. That’s all down to you getting me going with this running club, so thank you!"- Sarah (Beginner's Run Club) 


"Emma's yoga class focuses on stretches and yoga techniques relevant to the runner. I started her yoga sessions when I was unable to run for a couple of months due to injury and muscle strain. The yoga has certainly helped my recovery, as well as minimising any further injuries. Another benefit is that I believe yoga has developed my running technique, and the result of that is that I recently beat my Parkrun PB!" - Rob (Runner's Yoga Group Class)


I can highly recommend Emma’s classes for everyone. She is such a lovely person, patient and extremely professional. After more than 10 years without doing anything for my body and after giving birth to my second child I had the strong wish to do something for myself. Since April 2017 I have had weekly private yoga sessions with Emma, which have changed my body awareness completely and I have so much more energy now.  She even motivated me to join her Beginner’s Run Club. Doing yoga and running every week with Emma’s support is the perfect workout for me." - Natalie (Private and Group Yoga Class, Beginner's Run Club)