There are many benefits to having a private yoga class with me, but specifically it allows a more personalised view of your practice. We can focus and work on building balance, strength and flexibility in your body so you can push harder in your chosen sport

There is also the convenience of being able to choose the location and time of the class to suit your schedule.

Maybe you are new to yoga, so as well as growing your ability in your sport, you may like to learn the fundamentals of yoga before joining a group class, and take things at your own pace. 

Maybe you want to deepen your current yoga practice or spend some time working with an injury or specific goal or concern. 

Whatever the reason, we will spend time discussing your requirements prior to your first session, so that the lessons are specifically tailored to you.

3 sessions x 1 hour =  $330

(Longer session possible on request. Prices may increase depending on travel time.) 


I can highly recommend Emma’s classes for everyone. She is such a lovely person, patient and extremely professional. After more than 10 years without doing anything for my body and after giving birth to my second child I had the strong wish to do something for myself. Since April 2017 I have had weekly private yoga sessions with Emma, which have changed my body awareness completely and I have so much more energy now.  She even motivated me to join her Beginner’s Run Club. Doing yoga and running every week with Emma’s support is the perfect workout for me. Thanks Emma for everything!


Emma comes to my home twice a week for private yoga sessions before I go to work.  I have nothing but good things to say about her teaching.  I gave up yoga in the past as I simply didn't 'click' with the teacher but I feel a genuine connection with Emma.  The fact that she has the sports angle but also balances that with relaxation/breathing is perfect for someone like me, with a young family and a stressful job to juggle.  I have become slightly addicted!  One-to-one teaching is also perfect as it works so much better for my schedule and lifestyle.


One-on-one yoga sessions with Emma have been so helpful. I am much stronger and more relaxed after just six months! Visiting me where I live makes it a no hassle (and no excuses) opportunity for me to commit to my health.


I was a complete beginner when a friend and I started private yoga sessions with Emma.  Each week we have built on the basics and Emma has kept the class varied and challenging. I'm determined to increase my core strength so I can reach my toes, and do 'crow' pose! What I love most about these sessions is the one to one attention that Emma gives to ensure that the poses are being done correctly. I would completely recommend Emma's yoga classes to anyone looking to start on their yoga journey or build on previous yoga experience.